What is Music?

Music is a subject that combines practical and theoretical based learning, focusing on the three core musical skills of Performing, Composing and Appraising. Sunnydown students will learn how to sing and play a variety of musical instruments through their lessons. They will use technology on their chromebooks to explore the different methods of composition, both individually and collaboratively. They will also learn how to appraise music by listening to a range of music from around the world as well as different time periods, identifying key musical features and forming opinions on how music can evoke different thoughts and feelings.

Why do we teach music at Sunnydown?

Music plays a hugely significant part in all of our day-to-day lives; whether we are listening to music on our devices, on the radio, at a concert, or even if we hear it in TV and films. By teaching music at sunnydown, it provides equality of opportunity for all students, promoting the development of inclusive learning opportunities - not all students will have access to a range of musical experiences outside of school. We want our students to understand how music has developed and evolved over time, as well as opening their minds and ears to a whole range of genres, cultures and styles of music from all around the world.

Music teaches students to be creative and imaginative. Music also helps students to develop their confidence and self-esteem. They learn how to problem solve and how to work both independently and as part of a group. As a school for boys with communication difficulties, this will help develop essential life skills related to all aspects of independent living.

Music is a universal language and allows students to express themselves in new and exciting ways. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and recognise achievement and success in both academic subjects and in extra-curricular activities.

How do we teach music at Sunnydown?

Y7 and Y8 will have one hour long music lesson per week.

As the school year 2022-2023 will be the first year music is taught at Sunnydown this way, both Y7 and Y8 will follow the same scheme of work to ensure they have covered the foundations of the music curriculum.


Curriculum Plans