Creative & Digital Media

What is Creative & Digital Media?

Creative and Digital Media is about telling stories in a way that resonates with people. It can be presented in the form of an article, podcast, film or website. It could include abstract imagery or dialogue - it is all about sharing information to others in a way that is unique to you. Not only that, Creative Media is about taking ownership of the innovating media that you produce, which is a core part of entrepreneurship.

Teamwork is also an essential part of the Creative and Digital media subject and vocation.

Why do we teach Creative and Digital Media at Sunnydown?

Creative and Digital media teaches the students’ valuable skills that can be transferred into several vocational areas. Media is part of every career. Our aim over the two years is to develop the knowledge associated with the subject area, enabling the students to use these skills in the future.

On completion of the two years the students’ will have more confidence and skill in video design, film making and reviewing, along with a project that focuses on personal development and future progressional routes.

How do we teach this subject at Sunnydown?

The first year of this course investigates an overview into the subject of Creative Media and the jobs relating to the specialist area. The students’ will undertake film reviews along with analysis of various camera techniques. This creative area will also teach resilience and how to effectively work as a team.

The second year is dedicated to the students’ Level 1 Introductory BTEC course in Digital Media. Initially on this course, the students’ complete a unit that focuses on identifying a personal progressional route and the skills and behaviours associated. This unit also includes guidance on interview practice to help them achieve their goal. The second unit includes a module where the students’ will use the knowledge they obtain from the first year to plan, problem solve and create a collaborative short film.

Which exam board syllabus do we study at KS4?

The students’ will undertake a BTEC course in the second year through Edexcel ‘Digital Media Level 1 Introductory’ course and have the opportunity to gain a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade.

Creative and Digital media is only taught through a pathway at KS4.


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