What is ASDAN?

The aim of ASDAN is to engage young people at Sunnydown with a variety of meaningful learning outcomes which enable them to take control of their futures within a comfortable environment. We believe that young people should feel empowered to discover, develop and utilise their abilities to affirm their identities, contribute to both the school community and the wider society, and challenge educational inequalities.

ASDAN is a recognised qualification in which we follow their Personal Development Programme.

Why do we teach ASDAN at Sunnydown?

Our intention in ASDAN is to engage, empower and elevate our students by providing opportunities to develop their personal, social and work related skills and information literacy. The ASDAN Personal Development Programme will enable students to recognise their own personal qualities and abilities, explore new activities and develop skills that will be invaluable in the wider world.

We use the ASDAN qualification to provide our students with practical, purposeful and accessible challenges to enable them to develop their skills for education, work and life. This helps our students to discover where their skills lie and develop a passion as they move forward into post-16 education.

How do we teach ASDAN at Sunnydown?

ASDAN is taught during the week for an hour.

There is a glass ceiling approach to ASDAN at Sunnydown as the students are able to set their own goals and achievements. All students are informed of ASDAN’s bronze, silver and gold awarding system in which 10 hours of work is equal to 1 credit and the decision of much they believe they can achieve is chosen by them. This empowers our students and encourages them to work hard to achieve their goals.

Students will be also be able to achieve a range of AQA Unit Award certificates to recognise their achievements.

Supporting evidence to achieve this award could include activity sheets, photos, witness statements, posters and presentations, and video recordings, for example.

Students will be offered guidance for challenges they may wish to do; equally, there is an element of self-selection with the ASDAN programme to develop their independence and become more confident in their abilities. Students may wish to explore in more depth aspects of the ASDAN award scheme either outside or school or within Life Skills on Fridays if applicable.

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