Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum at Sunnydown is designed to create as bespoke a pathway as possible for every young man with the resources available. It is designed to give each student the best possible opportunities for achieving a successful, independent and happy life after leaving Sunnydown and create a pathway for learning so that they can access appropriate Post 16 provisions that will continue to meet their needs and support their learning. This is done with consideration for the emotional needs of the boys and an awareness of the impact of academic expectations on young people.

COVID-19 Statement

These plans have been made in line with the curriculum that we wish to offer to the boys throughout the 2020/21 academic year. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus will have an impact on some elements, especially where trips have been planned into the curriculum. Wherever this is the case we will adapt the plans accordingly to offer the best possible learning experience with the resources available.


The week is divided into two sections; Monday to Thursday where the boys follow a traditional curriculum and Fridays where an alternative selection of innovative and creative options are available.

Regarding the traditional curriculum, in KS3 students follow a flightpath in each subject which is differentiated learning. In KS4 the boys are given the opportunity to focus their learning with Options and GCSE pathways for the core subjects.

Friday Curriculum

The Friday Curriculum has been designed to give the boys the extra experiences that we feel that they need to be independent after they leave Sunnydown and to help them to succeed in their next steps. The focus is around the characteristics of RICE³ which runs throughout the school. Resilience Independence Cooperation To encourage, empower and enable the boys to develop these important attributes and achieve their academic potential. In Key Stage 3, the boys will follow a half termly rotation of activities both on and off site, designed to achieve the different aspects of RICE³ and give the boys access to different opportunities that they may not experience through the more traditional curriculum that we run from Monday to Thursday.

If you require additional information, please contact the school office on 01883 342281.

The following shows the school curriculum, by subject and by year.