Pastoral Support

Our Pastoral Team is comprised of six trained members of staff who are dedicated to the support of students at Sunnydown School. Each member of staff within the team has a variety of specialisms, allowing us to make best use of a range of skills and knowledge in order to support an increasingly wide variety of complex needs in terms of social and emotional health. These may include but are not limited to bereavement; sexualised behaviours; mindfulness; mental health; self harm; Cycle Maintenance skills and mentoring; and Lego Therapy In addition, all but one member of the team is a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) and all members annually complete Prevent Training. Many members of the team are Thrive trained which gives a structured approach to supporting emotional well being. Two of the team are also ELSA trained.

Our Sunnydown Pastoral Team meet with specific students who may be in need of some support and guidance at prearranged times throughout the week, and our trained staff are also available throughout the school day to support the students should they encounter any difficulties that might impact on their ability to remain focused on their academic learning.

Meetings focus on developing strategies to help the students manage difficult situations and to help them to understand how/why some situations have occurred and could be avoided, thus supporting their communication needs. There are a variety of areas that can be used including the Thrive room, the Pastoral Office, various outside areas and a purpose built sensory room which allows students to access support in a calm environment and regulate some anxieties if they appear during the day.