Academic Support

Academic Support comprises a team of individuals from both teaching and teaching assistant backgrounds who provide specialist support to those students who require academic intervention.

Based on baseline tests and assessment data accumulated in Year 7, individual and group support will be provided to students in the Academic Hub working on comprehension, reading and spelling.

Additional team members currently provide support in academic and practical subjects over KS3 delivering consistency and the experience of the team's knowledge. Such intervention can be based on a 1:1 session, small group work or classroom based support.

Additional support, when needed, will be provided by the team for students in KS4 to enable them to access the GCSE Curriculum and aspire to achieve the grades needed to make the next steps in their academic journey.

Within the team we have trained Elklan Practitioners who support the whole school to enable our students to be a positive communicator creator. We encourage the development of receptive and expressive language and the ability to build on their knowledge of vocabulary through a ‘Red Said Green Mean’ approach.

Academic Support will encourage Sunnydown students to become active learners, enabling them to take control of how they learn best whilst empowering them to grow in independence.