Vision, Mission, Values


Our shared Vision is...


To empower young men to positively transform their own lives.


To extend the vision beyond our current cohort by exploring outreach, 6th Form and increased day capacity.  To create a successful and unique journey for every learner so that they are:


  1. Actively learning;
  2. Able to access a curriculum that is broad, innovative and provides interest and challenge;
  3. Taught by dedicated professionals in a nurturing, safe and inclusive environment;
  4. Resilient through nurture;
  5. Independent through support;
  6. Cooperative through challenge and mutual respect;
  7. Encouraged to learn and grow;


We strive to deliver exemplary practice where the efforts invested by all those involved with the school are recognised, celebrated, valued and promoted.

We continue to develop a reflective, outward looking, informed approach to self-evaluation and improvement throughout the school.

The school promotes the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.