Residential Activities

Activities are a very important part of the evening. They encourage pupils to take responsibility for making their own choices. They provide a structured environment in which students can enjoy and achieve, whilst encouraging social interaction to build self–esteem and confidence. Activities promote teamwork and life – skills development, and may also involve a competitive element or some form of challenge. Physical recreation also assists health, fitness and wellbeing.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, care staff and teachers on duty offer activities which pupils can choose from. These activities run from 4.15pm-6.00pm, whilst further informal activities take place after tea, until pupils prepare for bedtime. On occasions some of the older pupils may have the opportunity to opt out of activities; however, this is discussed and decided on an individual basis. There may be times when some activities run for longer, but if this is necessary it is normally planned and organized in advance.

Some activities on offer:

Cooking Drama Gym Games
Board games Badminton Swimming
Football Basketball Computers
Rounders Ultimate Frisbee Climbing
Art & Craft Fitness Club Gardening
D of E Music Sailing
Canoeing Street Dancing Wide Games