Reporting to parents at Sunnydown

Here at Sunnydown we report to parents and carers twice a year. You will receive one report at the end of the first term and one report at the end of the summer term.

The information contained within these reports include:

  • Class Teacher’s Report
    Teachers comment on your son’s level of effort and engagement within lessons and his performance in homework tasks. We also share with you progress information with suggestions about what your son should do in order to make further progress.
  • Form Tutor’s Report
    Your son’s form tutor will comment on levels of resilience, cooperation and independence as well as sharing general observations.
  • Care Team Report
    If your son boards at the school he will receive a report from the care team and they will also comment on your son’s levels of resilience, cooperation and independence.
  • Headteacher’s Report
    Your son’s report finishes with a written report from the headteacher with some information about the level of your son’s attendance.

Our reporting systems are continually evolving with the aim of sharing the most useful information with families. If you have any suggestions about possible developments, please do not hesitate to contact the school.