Exams Timetable

The timetable for those taking GCSE examinations in 2017 is as follows:
Tuesday 16th May p.m. Biology
Thursday 18th May a.m. Chemistry
Friday 19th May p.m. PE
Monday 22nd May a.m. English Literature
Monday 22nd May p.m. Geography
Wednesday 24th May p.m. Physics
Thursday 25th May a.m. Maths
Friday 26th May a.m. English Literature
Tuesday 6th June a.m. English Language
Tuesday 6th June p.m. Geography
Wednesday 7th June a.m. Computing
Thursday 8th June a.m. Maths
Monday 12th June a.m. English Language
Tuesday 13th June a.m. Maths
Friday 16th June p.m. DT
Art to be arranged within school